Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter holidays!

So the Easter holidays have come and are actually nearly gone, with me done barely any productive work. I have just procrastinated all throughout the holidays when I had time to work, and when I actually was in the mood of working something always came up. I thought offers would motivate me to work, however I worked so much harder in Jan when I only had rejections. I think I have become too careless, however I only have 3 exams and they are all in June, but as my school is quite crap I have not learnt much in the lessons I have been to and I have missed a lot of lessons due to laziness to go in to school. I don't know why but school seems extremely boring lately, I'm just so bored of it. A lot of my friends from last year didn't do to well, and decided to either resit the year or go college and thats made our year very small, of about 40 students, and because of this me and a couple of my friends at school are just trying to pull ourselves across the final months of school, get the grades and start University, which hopefully will be much more entertaining. Back to schoolwork, I haven't really learnt much so far so basically I am teaching my self a lot of the last units as I try and revise and its not like recapping, luckily I did do well enough in Jan to give me a cushion in the sense I need a C(if my bio coursework is a C), a D and a high U (for maths) in these last exams to get the grades for uni, however I really want to get A's maybe if I work hard enough an A* so I feel I deserved to go into Med school, and not like I barely got in.