Thursday, 29 December 2011

MY UCAS app so far

So I sent off my app in october. And I got my first interview invite on the 16th of november, 1 month after I sent my app, the interview was scheduled for the 7th December, so it gave me 3 weeks to prepare. For prep I brought the ISC med school interview book and started reading the smbj and bbc health site. After this I got a interview invite from peninsula on the 1st December for the 16th. I will not tell how I fully prepared yet because I have not received any offers yet to say it worked, but will do a post on interview prep when/if I get offers. However I can tell you how they went.

The manchester one was early in the morning, and I reached there about 30 mins early but they turned out being 30 mins late so me and the other students sat there nervously for an hour with no one talking to each other, but mostly talking to their parents. After everyone lined up and went into and went into a small room where everyones documents were checked and we were told sit to their for about 20 mins to get to know each other. I think I should tell you about the structure of the interview first. Their are four interviews, one being a group discussion lasting 30 mins, and 3 other short interviews. The 20 mins waiting went well and everybody was nice and seemed clever so I got nervous. The group discussion went quite quick but I think it was tough to show leadership skills in the discussion as everybody was fighting for that role. The first individual interview was about current medical affairs and I think I flopped it, kind off ruined my confidence. The second one (about personal statement) went much better but I was not to sure if I answered his questions. The third one (about group discussion) didn't go well or good so after that I was not too confident on getting a offer, and thats what has happened as people on tsr have received offers, so I'm expecting a rejection from them. After the interview I went shopping to birmingham and ate a nice meal out to just relax and forget it all.

For the peninsula interview I did not prepare much. I read the prospectus and arranged answers for their questionnaire. So I was early for this interview as well however this time there were quite friendly students who I had a good chat with. The interview structure was that you got 30 mins to do a questionnaire and read/pick a ethical scenario for your interview. This time can go quick and I would say to split the time in half and make notes for the scenario. The interview was about 20 mins long and went much better than manchester to me, which was a relief and they haven't given out offers/rejections yet so I'm keeping my hopes high.

On the 23rd December however I got a rejection from leicester which was gutting especially near christmas time, however too be honest I was expecting to get some rejections, plus the peninsula interview went well so I got over it quickly. And thats basically it so far. Will update if I get more news.

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  1. Hay. :)
    I've applied to Manchester as well! I had my interview on the 15th December, it didn't go too well. Still waiting for a reply...
    I'll be following your blog closely, good luck and I hope you get an offer soon! ^_^