Thursday, 5 January 2012

Reflection on Peninsula interview, and EXAMS!

Thinking back at my peninsula interview I believe I have done worse than I first thought, even though it didn't go as bad as manchester it still wasn't perfect, I remember them asking me about a scenario on how I would feel, but I talked about what I would've done, and they had to interrupt me to which could't have gone down well, and I have to wait till the end of january to get my reply on the interview, on top of that I have exams to prepare for as there is no point in gaining an offer if I don't achieve the grades, but revision is just so boring and tiring, but just as important and I need to concentrate, cannot wait till the end of exam period now.


  1. Don't worry about it! I'm sure you'll have done enough to get an offer. ^_^
    Yea, it's really important to make sure you study. Even if you end up having to re-apply as long as you have the grades, it'll be a lot easier.
    Ny A-Levels are going pretty crap, atm, since I have no motivation and keep forgetting everything. Self-teaching is starting to seem like a really bad idea. :/

  2. I hope so,
    I know but it would be so much easier to study if I had the motivation of an offer. And I'm to starting to think about gap year, if needed.
    Wow self teaching must be hard, and I know how it is with no motivation, if you need help with edexcel you could ask me, doubt I'd be much help though. :)