Saturday, 4 February 2012

Exams over, Interviews over and SNOW!

So my exams and interviews have finally finished from what I can say have been the hardest 2 months of my life, the barts interview went ok, not really sure on if I'll get the offer but I can tell you that the interviewers and the med school were so nice, it was more of a conversation than a interview and the students helping were really nice to, if I do somehow get an offer from barts I'll find it hard to choose between it and peninsula. The exams went ok, but I want to forget about them now and relax, however annoyingly my bio teacher has arranged a mock for us on the first topic on monday when I haven't been to many of the lessons (due to exams and interviews) so I'm prepared to take a fail from that exam as I cannot be bothered with any school work anymore. And its snowing, hopefully it snows so much that there is no school on monday, I've got so much free time now its hard to choose what to do with it .:)

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